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About us

Exploring and Controlling Low Temperature Properties of Materials

In this laboratory, we study the quantum phenomena occurring at low temperatures in superconducting and magnetic materials. The current research interests are the control of superconductivity by modifying the carrier or spin concentration and the understanding of the mixed-state properties in high & low Tc superconductors. Transport and thermodynamic properties of the samples in the form of thin films, multilayer devices and substituted single crystals are investigated in the wide range of temperature and magnetic field. Keywords of recent research are Electric-field-induced superconductivity, Thin film superconductivity, Exotic superconductivity in magnetic fields.

This laboratory also contributes to the support works at Center for Low Temperature Science, where we supply liquid helium to the laboratories of various research fields and teach the low-temperature experimental techniques. Various experimental apparatuses for the researches at low temperatures are open to the scientists of Tohoku University and cooperative researches are now in progress.

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